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Christmas arrives and with it the classics of every year: the announcement of the Christmas Lottery, nougat, compulsive shopping for gifts, the Gordo de Rojo (better known as Santa Claus), the Magi, Christmas carols, company lunches and dinners, family and friends, good deeds , the classic movies on television (I hope that 'Willow' and 'How beautiful it is to live again') and the tens of thousands of trains, planes, buses and other means of transport that will take hundreds of thousands of Spaniards home - if not millions - who live far from theirs.

However, unfortunately, There is another thing that has become, in recent years, another Christmas classic: strikes at airports.

The unions of the different airlines know where it hurts the most and for the claim of their rights - that I do not enter to debate whether it is legitimate or not - they choose dates of a lot of passenger traffic.

In this case, the other day we were surprised - or not so much - the news of the announcement of a strike by Iberia employees of Barcelona-El Prat airport. The dates of it: from December 21 to 24. Right in the center of the heart.

That is why the existence of companies such as is necessary.

Many people who suffer delays or cancellations on their flights have no idea what their rights as a passenger are.

As indicated by on its website, according to the Regulation 261/2004 of the European Union, are entitled to claim, in general terms, passengers who have suffered one of the following contingencies:

  • A cancellation of your flight.
  • A delay of more than 3 hours.
  • A ticket oversold (better known as 'overbooking').

As for the area of ​​applicationThis regulation will be valid for flights that start at an airport in a Member State of the European Union, as well as for those departing from an airport located in a third country to another located in the territory of a Member State subject to the provisions of the Treaty.

Passengers affected by any of the three previous problems will have right to compensation that moves between € 250 and € 600 per passenger, Regardless of the ticket price purchased:

  1. 250 euros for flights up to 1500 kilometers;
  2. 400 euros for all intra-Community flights of more than 1500 kilometers and for all other flights between 1500 and 3500 kilometers;
  3. 600 euros for all flights not included in a) or b).

Seville Airport Air Zone

In the case of flight cancellations, it should be remembered that you will not be entitled to financial compensation (beyond the refund of the initially purchased ticket amount) yes:

  • The airline notified the cancellation at least two weeks in advance regarding the expected departure time.
  • The cancellation was informed two weeks to seven days in advance of the scheduled departure time and the passenger was offered an alternative transport that allowed him to leave no more than two hours in advance with respect to the time of departure. Expected departure and arrive at your destination less than four hours late with respect to the expected arrival time.
  • The airline reports the cancellation less than 7 days in advance according to the expected departure time and is offered to take another flight that allows them to leave no more than one hour in advance with respect to the expected departure time and arrive at your final destination with less than two hours delay with respect to the expected arrival time.

You will be entitled to financial compensation when the delay is:

  • Two hours or more in the case of all flights of 1,500 km or less, or
  • of three hours or more in the case of all intra-Community flights of more than 1,500 km and of all other flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km, or
  • of four hours or more in the case of all flights not included in the two previous options.

The good of is that it won't cost you anything. They will only charge - a management fee - in case your claim comes to fruition.

Many passengers decide not to claim due to total ignorance of the laws or by simple laziness. will help you file the relevant claims and receive the compensation that belongs to you.

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