How to get from Ben Gurion International Airport to anywhere in Israel


Israel is an attractive and controversial country in equal parts. History and its geographical position make it a state of great geopolitical importance and its tourist and religious attractions, despite its small size, are many and of great importance.

The main point of entry to Israel is the Ben Gurion International Airport, located near the town of Lod, about 15 km southeast of Tel Aviv.

Ben Gurion International Airport has considerable dimensions, with 4 terminals, of which 3 are used by civil airlines. Terminal 3 is used for international flights, Terminal 1 for regional flights, and Terminal 2 is used by low-cost airlines. The 4 is not used.

The three airstrips of Ben Gurion International Airport are used together for commercial, private and military aircraft operations.

To go from Ben Gurion International Airport to your destination in Israel, you have several options.

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Shuttle from Ben Gurion International Airport to Tel Aviv

There are shuttles buses that link Ben Gurion International Airport with the city of Tel Aviv for about 65 ILS each way.

There is one every hour and the vehicles are modern and with drivers who speak English. They stop at several hotels in the city center of Tel Aviv.

The services start from terminals 1 and 3.

Shuttle bus to Jerusalem

To go from Ben Gurion International Airport to Jerusalem, bus 485 is one of the best options.

The 485 serves 24 hours a day, 6 days a week (does not work during Shabbat). Part of the airport (from terminals 1 and 3) once an hour and passes through several central points of Jerusalem, including its Central Bus Station.

The journey to Jerusalem takes about an hour. From the center you can take a train or taxi to your final destination. From Jerusalem you can visit places as emblematic as Hebron Y Belen.

The seats can be booked in advance through the web, or you can buy the ticket to the driver for 16 ILS (Shequels), about 4 euros at the current exchange (April 2017).