The best things to see and do in Bratislava


The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, is part of my list of cities that surprised me very pleasantly. I recognize that when I chose that destination to go on a trip with the group of friends that we lived in Dublin (and some others that were added from Spain), I barely knew what that interesting city had.

The choice was based on other much more mundane aspects. Namely: good flight connections for everyone (and at a good price), cheap beer, good nightlife and a weekend in which the local national team played no less than the qualification to a World Cup. I already told you that they were mundane, but surely you accept that they are also very valid.

The laughter came when they told us at the hostel where we were staying that there was no place in any hotel in the city because that weekend was celebrated Dog World (a kind of dog model pass from around the planet). And we thinking that these people cared about football ... Well, no.

Surrounded by canines (we met some judges of the contest in a pub, which helped us to verify that they had not teased us), we had a spectacular weekend. Between barks and beers, it gave us time to savor the atmosphere of a European capital that does not appear so much in the guides and does enough merit for it.

Here you have some of the best places to see in Bratislava, a capital with less than half a million inhabitants, a spectacular historic center and extremely pleasant and hospitable people.

How to get to Bratislava?

To get to Bratislava we fly to your airport, which is located about 12 km from the city. You can follow our instructions on how to get from Bratislava airport to downtown.

Meeting just 60km from Vienna, you can also reach Bratislava from the Austrian capital in a very romantic way: Boat. Go up the river Danube until disembarking in Bratislava.

What to see and do in Bratislava

Bratislava Castle

Elevated on a promontory, Bratislava Castle offers one of the best viewpoints to visit in Bratislava.

The original fortification dates from the ninth century, but the imposing fortress that today shines in white under the sunlight, is the product of a Renaissance-style reconstruction carried out in the 60s of the last century.

Yes, I agree, it would be much more special to be able to visit the original fortress, but it was destroyed almost entirely after the fire of 1811.

Anyway, nostalgic and history lovers can visit the Museum What is inside (€ 8 for adults and € 4 for students). In it you can observe the history of the castle, its reconstruction and aspects of medieval life in it.

Go up to the Crown Tower and enjoy the best views of Bratislava.

If you visit it in summer, try to arrive early or you will find some good queues.

Practical information

Free entry to the castle grounds. You only pay to access the museum.

Schedule: castle 9 am - 9 pm; Museum: 10 am - 6 pm (Tuesday to Sunday).

Hlavné Námestie (Market Square, in ancient times)