The best of Frankfurt


Photo taken from the Frankfurt Opera House

1. Modern

Musician using pipes and pipes as instruments

Frankfurt has always been a place of passage for entrepreneurs and merchants. Since ancient times this city has enjoyed new trends coming from Northern Italy and Mediterranean Europe directed towards the Atlantic and vice versa.

Nowadays Frankfurt hosts one of the busiest airports in the world and it has become an active and attractive city.

Walking through the city you will realize it. Smart cars, smart buildings, avant-garde atmosphere, Frankfurt is a modern city and in it you will always find the latest news.

2. Punctual

In Frankfurt, time is money

I still remember the first time I took a bus in Frankfurt. At the stop, he indicated the time at which he should pass, with the exact minutes. And so it was, if I remember correctly it was 10 and 27 minutes in the morning when the bus arrived at my stop, as planned.

I found it amazing. For a kid accustomed to the services of the RENFE or other Spanish public transport, that the bus arrived at the time marked on the sign seemed surreal to me. I did not understand. Traffic lights, traffic, how can you predict the exact moment when the bus will arrive at its destination?

Well it is possible. In Frankfurt I understood that things can be done well. With professionalism, with diligence. Because if we all strive, if we all respect each other, if we all comply, we all win.

3. Clean

Frankfurt was probably a huge forest before being a city

One day I was walking in a park in Frankfurt and I ate a candy. Many years ago, but I remember it as if it were yesterday. I couldn't think of anything other than throwing the candy paper on the floor. Two seconds later Someone alerted me by tapping gently on one of my shoulders. I turned and in front of me was an old woman. He said nothing to me, pointed to the paper he had just thrown on the floor and with the other hand pointed to a bin that was nearby.

He didn't need to open his mouth. Embarrassed, I crouched down immediately, grabbed the paper and deposited it in the bin after apologizing in some language that the lady did not understand, although she neither needed nor cared. The lesson had been etched with fire in my memory.

With this story I don't tell you anything and I tell you everything. If Frankfurt is a clean city, it is not because it has the best sweeper service on the planet. Maintaining a clean place is everyone's job and responsibility.

4. Ordered

Streets of downtown Frankfurt

The city is clean, buses arrive on time, the streets are well signposted, the atmosphere you breathe is safe.

In Frankfurt I have to confess that I feel very comfortable. I have visited it on numerous occasions. From short visits of three days to long stays of two months, there I have always found the sea of ​​good.

Impulsive, lover of improvisation and visceral as I consider myself, Frankfurt has probably always helped me to find some balance. Maybe that's why I need to come back from time to time.

5. Dynamics

Frankfurt subway

Frankfurt is a city where activity is breathed. People move, always have things to do. Some go and others come. With order and with some simplicity, but always in continuous movement.

During my travels I have gone through bustling cities that seemed to never rest. Delhi, Varanasi, London, Bangkok, Dublin itself. Frankfurt is not made of the same pasta. Frankfurt knows the break, although it is a rest designed to create more movement.

An intelligent city that has become something Germany's operations center, the engine of Europe.

Maybe on another occasion I will tell you about Goethe, Eintracht and Sachsenhausen, but today I wanted to show you the essence of Frankfurt, an interesting city full of concepts necessary to understand the how and why of German culture.