Summer is coming: 9 things to do in New York


Manhattan @Turismo_NY

From mid to late spring, that summer air is beginning to be felt that invites you to enjoy in a big way, with all that it has to offer, the fabulous city of New York. But summer, in itself, is already a true explosion of endless adventure. If you travel to New York for these dates, you will surely have in mind, or at hand, a list of activities to do and places to know. Very good, but to all those, if they are not included, add these 9 things you should do if you travel in summer to New York.

As soon as possible, head to Lower Manhattan, the southern part of the island ... and see everything you can do!

Take the free ferry that will take you to Staten Island

Do not miss it. Be of the tourists who take advantage of this opportunity and the good weather to visit Staten Island from Manhattan on the ferry. You can meet some very old houses, some with ghostly stories that many love. From there you will have a different view of the famous skyline of New York City. And as you can see, totally free!

Statue of Liberty @turismo_NY

Say hello to the beautiful Statue of Liberty, from the ferry

The ferry does not stop on the island, but it does will allow you to closely appreciate the beauty of the quintessential New York symbol, the Statue of Liberty, and take wonderful photographs of the famous torch lady. And all totally free!

Tour the Brooklyn Bridge on foot or by bike

Walking, as if taking a leisurely walk, you cross the famous Brooklyn Bridge in just over half an hour, perhaps. Time that will seem very short. The experience is amazing, you shouldn't miss it. For many tourists it is one of his favorite walks in New York‚Äč.

You can also rent a bike and make your tour, the best is when you come from Brooklyn to Manhattan. So take advantage when you visit Brooklyn and return walking or cycling. Needless to say, but prepare your camera, because from the emblematic bridge you can take pictures like few others. The views are incredible.

Take the cable car and go to Roosevelt Island

If you have the opportunity, do it. Watching the city, while you travel on the cable car to the island, is fascinating.

Rossevelt Island is a small island that you can easily travel. It is another point from where you can take some unique photographs of Greater Manhattan and appreciate how beautiful it is from another angle.

With a simple Metrocard, whose cost for each trip is $ 2.75 (transportation increased recently, now is 0.25 more) in a few minutes you get there.

Go up to the new viewpoint of the One World Trade Center

Finally came what many expected. The viewpoint of the recently opened One World Trade Center, better known as Freedom Tower. This observatory, which comes to join the already very famous and visited Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock, opened its doors to the public on Friday, May 29. A unique experience in its class and that nobody wants or should not miss. Manhattan from another perspective. Great!

Central Park in New York @Turismo_NY